在整个职业世界,生活中各个层次的人都有这种斗争。The 16-year-old applying at the local grocery store,the 35-year-old stockbroker who was just laid off,22岁的大学毕业生都在拖延写简历的时间。

突然间,你需要你的简历。快。有一个即将到来的工作机会,a career fair,or you simply don't want to spend three hours deciding between fonts when the only style you've ruled out is comic sans.Fear not.现在是时候把这个创可贴撕下来了——按字面上的数字3。Here are the three golden rules of last-minute resume-writing.

write a last-minute resume


为什么我们在简历上拖延到死?用一张纸的风格和内容来表达你的整个职业身份是太大的压力了。How will you look awesome,有组织的,and intelligent based on a series of indentations and font sizes?Should you create your resume with InDesign?This isn't a piece of "flair"at a Fridays.Stick to proven successful tactics.

5 Full-Proof Resume Fonts

生活的忠告:别惹浣熊,一个饥饿的女朋友,或恢复字体。忘记你刚从设计学校毕业的哥哥告诉你的。字体不是你最后一分钟简历中冒险的地方。The five fonts you can always count on are Georgia,海尔维提卡Calibri,Garamond,和Cambria。Fonts like Times New Roman,Arial信使是安全和无聊的选择。They won't put you in the no-call-back pile,但是,当你可以升级到一个有吸引力的Garamond时,为什么要选择一种你写过每一篇高中和大学论文的字体呢?

Formatting: Less is More

Please take a deep breath.Formatting your resume is the portion of this exercise that puts you most at risk of cussing yourself into delirium.正确缩进要比看起来困难得多。

write a last-minute resume

  • 使用MS Word中的隐藏/显示按钮使所有对齐和间距可见。This button allows you to clearly view the precise spacing between each word and title so you can determine if your resume content is mostly aligned,或者完美地排列——一个很大的区别!

write a last-minute resume

write a last-minute resume

  • Make sure you correctly align your titles and dates.转到MS Word中的“格式”菜单,然后选择“选项卡”选项。在这里,you can clear all tabs,set,and reset your margin adjustments for sections of your resume like the date ranges for your job experience.Here's a great step-by-step for using the MS Word's Tab tool by技术共和国.

write a last-minute resume

  • Keep the stylistic formatting simple and smooth.Again,现在不是试验的时候。You're writing a last-minute resume,你想要容易阅读的分类。低调和实用性比表演更有效。想麻雀,不是孔雀。以一个非常简单的简历为例,就像上面的那个,把你的名字和基本信息放在中心。Then,把你的部分整齐地分类在下面。The key to a last-minute resume is to be simple and error-proof.Pro tip: Accuracy is elegant.无论格式如何,精确性都能说明问题。

以下是为科技行业制作的简历的一个很好的例子(见下文)。直截了当的格式和锐利的helvetica字体易于实现,并添加了一个稍微前卫的美学。This resume doesn't look like it was done in two hours,但这是一份简历,很容易写在下面。

write a last-minute resume


这不是你关于中世纪诗歌的10页纸。Don't write bullet points to fill space on your resume.即使你没有工作和实习机会,任何大学研究项目,club,or association will fit nicely into our resume bullet formula below.

Verb + Concrete Number + Date Range + Proper Noun



总是详细说明你完成了什么。即使你在微积分课上获得了B级,做数学题。You may have received a grade 20 percent higher than the class average–which is brag-worthy.Using percentages,daily and weekly deadlines,and proper nouns for anyone you may have reported to in a school organization or classroom is how to effectively communicate your accomplishments to an employer.

3.No Experience?简历长度的规定

If you're worried about ending up with a resume that's a half-page long because you're new to the job market,别担心。It's ideal for your resume to be one full page long,formatted to fill up the entire page.但如果你刚毕业,this expectation is unfair.如果你缺了四分之一页,这是可以接受的。以下是一些在你把毛巾扔进去之前要记住的技巧:

  • 调整页边距,spacing,字体.你不想这样,你增加了每个时期的字体大小,所以你几乎没有把历史论文的页面最小化。But resumes are made to be skimmable and clear.Bigger font,截面间距,大幅度的利润是完全合理的。我们强调:在合理的范围内.如果你不得不问自己,"Does this look funny?"Then,it probably does.如果你在尺寸和间距上不过火,这两个可以帮助你的低经验达到一整页,而且看起来超级易读的雇主希望略读你的技能。
  • 添加目标.Resume experts have debated far and wide whether an objective or professional summary is even necessary anymore.If you are just graduating or applying for any entry-level internship or associate role,demonstrating your potential and professional goals within a personal headline can set the tone for who you are.Done right,目标是了解应聘者的有力方法,而且很巧合的是,它们会给你的简历增加篇幅。
  • Your personality: where to put it.Another useful resume detail for any candidate–especially new grads–is adding one line including your hobbies or interests.公司雇佣基于性格的员工和他们雇佣基于资历的员工一样多。If you're passionate about guitar,animals,徒步旅行,rock climbing,or writing,加上一条小线,提示潜在雇主你是一个有创造力和积极性的人。

现在,解决另一端的问题。You should never create a resume that is two pages long unless you've held several executive positions.22岁时,if you have a two-page resume,it can come off as sloppy.想象一下放三块饼干,four carrots,and a scoop of peanut butter onto two plates and one bowl.太傻了,isn't it?This small snack,对即将到来的晚餐的预览,很容易装在一个盘子上。这就是最近毕业的两页简历。Keep your professional preview to one page.It's cleaner and shows basic attention to formatting.

仅仅几个小时就可以格式化你的简历,这很容易!如果你只拿走一个消息从这篇文章中,please remember to stick to traditional rules for last-minute resume-writing.简历要不断更新和润色,所以你可以回去增加更多的个人接触。第一轮写作,stick to accurate formatting,clean and attractive fonts,组织简单。你会惊讶地发现,一个仅仅花了几个小时的时间用打字错误审查简历的雇主,多么精雕细琢、精雕细琢的要点能给他留下深刻的印象。格式错误,and vaguely listed accomplishments.无论谁在读你的职业史,都要呼吸新鲜空气。