The Interactive Gaming Industry Needs Art Majors


Life-like gaming experiences require an impressive roster of people.设计师,打火机,程序员和艺术家都扮演着不可或缺的角色。然而,我们在西雅图的互动办公室一直在体验,第一手的,this exploding recent need for "environment"or "world artists."

作为一个recruiterin the interactive gaming field,I work with a lot of clients who are responsible for creating some of the hottest games on the market.From晕圈toForza MotorsportandGears of War,我直接招募了很多幕后人员,使这些虚拟项目成为现实。然而,one recent job in particular that has been getting a lot of play is environment or world artists.

简单地说,there aren't enough interactive gaming designers to go around.This high-demand industry is now a very lucrative one.

Art in Games: Why Art & Gaming Go Hand-And-Hand

Art and animation in games refers to the way in which things physically appear.这包括每个角色的皮肤纹理,to the graphical user interface,就像一个角色走路时扭动脚踝一样。

尽管程序员负责角色移动的位置和原因,animators are responsible for它们是如何移动的.And,while designers may be responsible for the curves of a roadway in a racing game,the artists give the asphalt its texture and its shiny gloss when it becomes slick with oil or rain.


Artists and animators create the 2D and 3D visible elements of a game.它们决定一切事物的外观:人物,物体,the environment,and the lighting.Artists and animators accomplish these tasks by using a number of art software applications.Some of the most common interactive gaming industry applications include:

  • Photoshop
  • 3ds Max
  • Maya
  • Softimage XSI
  • Blender,Houdini
  • Modo
  • Zbrush

如果一个应用程序在允许艺术家做什么方面特别全面,it will sometimes be called an "art package."当动画师的注意力集中在运动上时,就会发生这种情况。They may use many of these same applications,but might also use motion-capture equipment in addition to the one of the software programs mentioned above.

其他与游戏艺术和动画密切相关的行业是计算机图形学(电影,它有时被称为CGI或计算机生成图像)和工业设计(许多汽车工业设计师,例如,use the same software as game artists).There also is a little kinship between 2D game artists and comic book illustrators.

Transferrable Skills

Surprisingly,一些最成功或最有才华的游戏艺术家或动画师不是来自传统学校或机构。Many of the artists I've placed,as a recruiter,have a fine art background that ranges from one or more of the following: art theory,art history,composition,color,形式,space,and light.

虽然艺术家通常以富有创造力而闻名,在互动游戏行业,他们需要能够平衡左右大脑,才能完成日常任务。在游戏行业走得更远的游戏艺术家往往是那些能够平等地融入创造性和分析性两方面的人。They might by nature be expressive,imaginative,and disorganized,but for the sake of the team,they learn to adopt other necessary traits,like an organized mindset (or at the very least,an organized desktop) and good time management skills.


Jobs to Look for

对,game artists compose their work on computers,但这并不能免除他们必须了解传统艺术的责任。If you are a struggling artist and looking for full-time or even contract work,我强烈建议在游戏行业寻找工作。To help guide you down the right path,以下是我遇到的一些最常见的游戏艺术家工作头衔。

  • 三维动画
  • 3D modeler
  • Character artist
  • 电影动画师
  • 概念艺术家
  • Texture artist
  • User interface artist
  • 世界或环境艺术家
  • 2D background artist
  • Art director
  • Effects artist
  • Lead artist
  • Art director
  • Technical artist

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