Health Insurance After College


While some graduates are fortunate to have found jobs already,many are still looking.For those individuals,along with paying the rent and putting food on the table,an immediate concern may also be where and how they can acquire affordable health care coverage.Even for some graduates who have jobs,their employers may not necessarily provide healthcare coverage,or their employers may have up to a 90-day waiting period before benefits kick in.

谢天谢地,graduates have more health care coverage options than they may realize.As a consumer-savvy generation,just a little extra information and understanding of the insurance landscape will empower you to find the right plan.Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Examine your current student health coverage.Some student health plans will cover you beyond graduation,但每个计划都不一样。如果你有学生健康保险,找出你的保险何时结束。
  • Talk to your parent or guardian.The Affordable Care Act allows children to stay on their parents' plans until age 26.If you are already on your parent's plan,确保每个人都在同一个页面上,了解您将遵守该政策的时间。Graduates wanting to join their parents' plans will have to enroll during open enrollment or a special enrollment period.
  • Learn about special enrollment periods and subsidies.根据负担得起的医疗法案,您只能在公开注册期间或在符合特殊注册期间条件的情况下注册医疗保险。虽然大学毕业不是资格赛,you may qualify due to anotherlife eventsuch as losing your student health plan coverage.你可以在healthcare.gov比较保险选项,看看你是否有资格获得补贴。
  • 考虑定期健康保险.If you have a gap between graduation and starting a job,term health insurancecan serve as a bridge until you enroll in another plan.You can search for these plans atagilehealthinsurance.com网站,where the application process is simple,and you can receive your insurance card in minutes.Term health insurance generally has lower premiums than Obamacare plans,but applications are approved or rejected based on health status,including the nature of pre-existing conditions.Additionally,consumers may still be subject to the Obamacare Tax depending on how long they have the coverage and whether they qualify for one of several exemptions.Here is information on the exemption for a short gap in coverage:

在人生的这个过渡时期,arm yourself with knowledge to make the most informed,cost-effective healthcare choice that suits your needs and fits your budget.看似令人望而生畏,confusing landscape of health care coverage rules and regulations can in fact be broken down into bit-sized,understandable nuggets of information.Start by making sure you understand the benefits offered by different plans,以及“保险费”之类的术语and "deductible"refer to.让自己熟悉负担得起的医疗法案——它对你的要求,if you are eligible to receive a subsidy and what the penalty is for not having ACA health insurance.在某些情况下,health care plans outside of the ACA may work well for youand即使考虑到你要付的罚金,还是要便宜些。

再一次,congratulations on graduating.享受这个新的成年阶段。While serious responsibilities come at this time,you can position yourself for success and financial security by taking the time to understand all options in all facets of life.

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