5 Ways to Secure a Software Engineering Internship


毫无疑问,实习是学生未来就业的捷径。在简历上有带薪或无薪实习的学生毕业后有更好的机会获得全职职位。Many new grads also get their full-time job offers directly through their internship.

Over the past several years,I've seen a lot of students struggling to find an internship due to lack of prior experience.Some may even spend a lot of time pursuing internships that don't really matter for them in the long run.

In this post,I give 5 very practical tips to help students secure a software engineering internship.



It's common to have internships during summer vacation.然而,大多数学生直到三月份才开始准备。这些学生不仅没有足够的时间准备面试,但是他们也必须处理期末考试的压力冲突。


我通常会推荐学生提前一个学期开始.This might sound too early.But,take a look at the advantages:

  • 公司通常在每年的9月和3月雇佣暑期实习生,bob体育平台so you'll have an extra opportunity if you don't make it on bob体育平台September.
  • 提早开始意味着你将有更多的时间准备,并在第二次实习期间获得更多的经验。
  • If you are not a freshman or sophomore,你一定已经完成了技术面试所需的大部分计算机基础课程。所以,you definitely don't need to worry about having interviews too early in your educational career.
  • Companies like Google/Facebook will have a team-matching process after you pass their interviews.Starting early will make the whole process easier,because there are fewer interns competing with you.


Tip #2 – Ask for referrals

A lot of students complain that they didn't even get the chance to interview.通常,students submit their resumes online and wait forever.

The golden rule is: always ask for referrals,这比大多数其他方法更有效。Normally,when someone refers you through the company's referral program,人力资源部将迅速审查您的信息。你不仅会很快得到答复,but you are also more likely to get interview opportunities.



Tip #3 – Prepare well for career fair

Another very effective approach is attending career fairs.作为学生,your school will normally hold two career fairs each year.除非你已经获得了实习机会,否则你绝对应该参加这两个项目。


When I write "prepare well,"it's absolutely more than having a well-formatted resume.你应该花足够的时间精炼和preparing your elevator pitch.对于不同的公司,也强烈推荐使用不同的电梯音高版本。Make a list of companies you want to talk with in advance and do your research about them.You won't be able to impress the recruiter if you know almost nothing about the company,and you should definitely prepare some good questions for each organization.

It's also likely that some recruiters will ask you a simple coding question.提前花些时间准备编码问题。


Tip #4 – Be very familiar with basic knowledge

对软件工程实习面试,you will be expected to have general coding questions down.在立即处理这些问题之前,I highly recommend people spend enough time on basic data structures and algorithms.They really are the foundation of all coding interviews.

Always review your textbook about basic knowledge.You should have a very clear understanding of those data structures/algorithms,their pros and cons,以及何时使用它们。Big-O analysis is also extremely important.

记住,for internships,没人希望你有任何工作经验。As a result,面试将主要集中在评估如果你,as a candidate,have a solid foundation–which makes the preparation process much more specific.



你应该花很多时间准备编码问题。You won't be able to get familiar with them without enough practice.

像网站一样莱特码andGlassdoorhave coding questions you can prepare with.Some of them are questions from past interviews,也就是说,你可以练习回答目标公司的问题。你也可以退房通用电气公司,where you can experience mock interviews from experienced interviewers from Google,Amazon and other top companies and get real feedbacks to improve.

作为学生,你有很多优势来获得实习机会。准备工作是实习成功的重要组成部分。早点出发,even if it feels like overkill.

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