5 Tips for Staying Motivated in Your Job Search




罗伯特·赫哈维克,Shark on ABC'sShark Tank和Herjavec集团的创始人,recently wrote a post for LinkedIn about the best advice that he has ever received: "你能做的最糟糕的事就是什么都不做."

是的,什么都不做比惨遭失败还要糟糕,以至于你不得不隐姓埋名地走一段时间来逃避羞耻。Herjavec使用了一个登山比喻,在这个比喻中,你是登山者,“成功”(whatever that means to you) is at the top of the mountain.

As you're climbing,there will be times when you have to choose which crevasses to hold onto or which side of the mountain to climb,but no matter what,你得走了。Sometimes you might even have to climb back down in order to find a better route.没关系。You can't just hang out in one place forever.

So,how can you keep your momentum going as a recent graduate looking for a job?


  • Create a bomb playlist

There's a reason that movies have soundtracks.歌曲完全影响了我们的情绪,可以在几秒钟内让我们从沮丧到欣喜若狂。I loved the line in音乐和歌词休·格兰特说,“你可以把世界上所有的小说都拿下来,没有一本能让你感觉像'I got sunshine on a cloudy day / when it's cold outside / I've got the month of May'.

歌曲是如此强大。So create a playlist that is going to spice up your mood and get you pumped for whatever stage of the job search you're in.如果你需要帮助,我们在一起一个小播放列表,可以将r_sum_写入.

  • 招募求职支持伙伴

Sometimes you need someone else to hold you accountable.我知道,personally,说到运动,我需要别人鼓励我,让我对不去健身房感到内疚。If this is how you operate,在求职期间,请一位朋友或家人来检查你。


  • 冥想

有时你会因为花了太多时间在一件事上而感到困窘。休息一下,冥想一下。And you don't have to do Tibetan monk,莲花座om mani padme ommeditation either (though you can if that works for you).


  • 给自己小挑战

Break your job search up into sections.然后再做个游戏。星期一写三封求职信。周二调查两家公司。Tailor your résumé to a couple job descriptionson Wednesday.然后对你完成的每一个挑战给你自己一些奖励。例如,你可以看一集Friendsfor each cover letter you finish or you can spend 20 minutes on social media for every company you research thoroughly.

  • Get out of your house

It's so easy to get stuck in front of your computer while looking for a job.你在研究公司,联系LinkedIn上的人,reading job descriptions,申请工作,但是所有这些被关起来的时间都会在一段时间后开始在你的脑海中浮现。

记住,很多工作都来自个人关系。当你开始有点激动的时候,go out there and meet people.Remember网络可以在任何地方发生.But you don't just have to go to the nearestStarbucks to strike up a conversation.你可以做一些不太依赖机会的事情,比如在你离开家的时候挣点钱。与临时机构合作.




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